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AIB is a year-long leadership/discipleship program organized into four distinct parts—Reach, Mend, Teach, and Send. The program is based on John 13:3-4—of Jesus’ understanding of His purpose, where He had come from, and where He was going, giving him the assurance to be a servant. As we become authentic in our relationship with Him we can learn to lead others as we reflect His image (Philippians 2:5-11). AIB develops a culture of genuineness and creativity, community, defining and applying the principle of humility, as well as how to learn from mistakes rather than living in shame. The goal is to answer the question in our heart: “What are our dreams and how do we get there?”


Genuine self-knowledge begins by looking at God and noticing how God is looking at us. -David Benner

Evangelize…and if necessary, use words. – St Francis of Assisi