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2018 Expungement Class Schedule at The Hope Center:

  • April 24th 6pm
  • July 31st 6pm
  • Oct 30th 6pm

How do you clean up your record?

  1. Attend a workshop at the Hope Center and receive assistance in filling out the paperwork to file in the court house.
  2. What you need to have to complete the paperwork at the workshop.
  3. You will need the case number(s).
  4. Date you were convicted
  5. The penal code convicted of and description of the code.
  6. You can get this information from the court house office or from their website. Here is Butte County’s link. http://www.buttecourt.ca.gov/general_information/. Select the option on the left for case information and enter your name. You can click on the case number and bring up the information needed to compete your paperwork at the workshop. Most county court offices have a website this information can be accessed from if not call them and ask them.
  7. File your petition completed at the workshop in the court house and wait for your court date and attend.

There are two types of relief available

  1. Expungement – is a petition that you file in the county that you were convicted in. You file a petition for each case that you have. You cannot have served time in prison for your charges. There is fee to file the petition in most counties $120 for a felony case and $60 for misdemeanors. You can also file a fee waiver and have the fees waived if you qualify
  1. Certificate of Rehabilitation- Is a petition you file if you have gone to prison. You file it in the county that you reside in. This petition is free to file. You must be off of parole for five years to file. This petition is the beginning process of a governor’s pardon. After you are granted a certificate of rehabilitation at the local courthouse this petition will go on to the governor’s office to be reviewed for a pardon. A pardon is the best type of relief you can pursue when you have convicted of a crime.

What qualifies me to get my charges expunged?

  1. You have not served a prison sentence for your charges.
  2. You have been off probation for one year.
  3. Your fines and fees are paid.
  4. You do not have any new pending cases or charges.
  5. You are living an honest and upright life.

What qualifies me to pursue a certificate of rehabilitation?

  1. You have been off parole for 5 years.
  2. You have paid all your fines fees and restitution.
  3. You have pursued the expungement petition for the cases that you didn’t serve a prison sentence for.
  4. You do not have any new pending cases or charges.
  5. You are living an honest and upright life.